Consulting Approach

We focus on the role of leadership in driving organizations forward via the key organizational and cultural levers that leaders control and influence.

Our approach begins with the analysis of client needs. This analysis, combined with our experience in applying an integrated range of proven proprietary methods, makes our interventions:

  • Strategic – aligned with the organization’s strategic vision
  • Customized – specifically designed to meet the needs of each client
  • Systemic – integrally linked to the client’s performance environment and culture
  • Comprehensive – designed to address all the needs identified in our analysis
  • Results-based – focused on improvements that add lasting value

3D Leadership Services

3D Leadership utilizes state-of-the-art methods to develop leaders and the organizations they lead. Beginning with a comprehensive needs analysis, we identify the opportunities for improvement in both the leadership team and the organization.

Our Organizational Development services include:

  • Strategy Clarification – a systematic process resulting in a clear strategic vision and a realistic plan
  • Strategy Implementation – a project-portfolio process that translates strategy into initiatives
  • Workplace Transformation – a process for building a high-performance culture

Our Leadership Development services include:

  • Executive Recruiting – a process for identification, assessment, hiring and on-boarding of top organizational talent
  • Leadership Coaching – specific developmental guidance based on a leader’s potential for growth and organizational needs
  • Methods of Leadership – a series of workshop designed to provide leaders with the critical skills required to manage and lead effectively